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25 words where improbable meetings happen
lots (changmin/jun, sakumoto, junba, ohmiya, aiba/yeon-hee, ohno/toda, nino/yunho/toda, etc.)
G to R
some (skipable) dubious content
25 x 21 = 525 words

25-words challenge with a mix 10 characters in 21 situations: Arashi, Tohoshinki, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Toda Erika and Lee Yeon-hee

When Yunho meets Ohno and sees him pick his nose while on air, he wonders and regrets even though he and Changmin are just fine. )

Notes: this was quite challenging so I kind of want to know how many references are understood? I'll write a request (if you want) for each new reference found. I'll edit the post later this week with all the references. :) EDIT: here is the edit because I'm impatient like that and I'll probably beg for people to give me requests/prompts soon anyway. 
References )

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On the Back of a Couch (1/4)
changmin/matsumoto jun (I KNOW), changmin/woman, changmin/satoshi tsumabuki
swearing, sexual situations, homophobic behaviour, minor violence
21'170 words
thanks to [livejournal.com profile] simp_anna for the support and advice. ♥ also it's all her fault, just to be clear.
thanks a lot to [livejournal.com profile] mistingdreams for her beta-ing. :D

Jun wants Changmin, Changmin is confused, Yunho is less than helpful and Ninomiya is a brat, i.e. Jun and Changmin somehow end up having a secret casual relationship. (non-au)

Slightly long but necessary notes )

Jun’s right hand is on his nape, pulling him down to meet his lips and Changmin lets him )


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