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nuagedeau. the odds and ends community of evangellie.
.I write, I photography and experiment with Paint Shop Pro 5. I will mostly post fanfictions and icons here. And whatever ideas pass through my head.
.I am a slow person. That says it all.
.english isn't my first language, please do excuse the mistakes you might find here and there. Do not fear the fics, I use beta-readers.
.for the curious people, nuagedeau comes in fact simply from the French "nuage d'eau", which literally means "cloud of water".

.comments are loved (even the critical ones).
.credit is loved (nuagedeau/evangellie).
.hotlinking is not loved.
.I am open to suggestions and requests and I don't bite.

.I am actually mostly active in the dong bang shin gi fandom.
.but I also like a variety of animes/mangas/books/movies/series that could make their apparition here.
.I am also very fond of dance and everything related to it.
.I mostly write slash, meaning I depict homosexual relationships between men (JaeMin in particular), though I am quite fond of gen and friendship fics.

.dbskicontest because it's a nice icontest comm.
.in_vazn because it's a nice dbsg drabble challenge comm.
.neonfictionbecause it's her fault.
.dbsk_lims because it's a new lims comm about dbsg.