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On the Back of a Couch (4/4)

part 1 - part 2 - part 3

He is in front of Jun’s door, his right hand clutching the Beautiful World dvd. He is wearing the same clothes the first time they had kissed in that bar in what seems a long time ago but actually isn’t. Maybe two months or three, he wonders. He is going to get scolded by Yunho and his management but he doesn’t care right now.

He checks his watch. It’s a little bit past 9pm and Jun should be home.

He rings the doorbell. Nothing and then he hears the footstep and the door is opening. Jun just stares at him but makes no move to let him enter.

‘Who is it?’

Changmin looks over Jun’s shoulder and it’s Ninomiya, who is slowly walking towards them.

‘Oh. You.’ Changmin doesn’t like the way Ninomiya addresses him nor does he like his piercing gaze. He can’t help but fidget.

Jun turns his gaze towards Nino. ‘Don’t—‘

‘Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Do what you want.’ Ninomiya shrugs. ‘Should I leave?’

Jun looks back at Changmin, and Changmin can see the contained tension in the tightness of his posture.

‘Should he leave?’

Changmin swallows; his mouth feels so parched.

‘I really need to tell you something.’

Changmin can see how Jun and Ninomiya exchange a look before Ninomiya sighs.

‘If this goes wrong…’ Jun shots him a dark look. ‘I’m leaving, geez.’

He quickly takes his jacket and puts his shoes on. On his way out, he brushes past Changmin, a tad too forcefully, and Changmin has to take a step back.


‘Oops. My bad.’

His tone is too cheerful to be sincere but he still bows his head to Changmin. As he lifts it, Changmin sees he is smirking.

‘Well, see you later perhaps.’

He leaves and then Changmin finally enters. He follows Jun quietly to the living room. There’s food on the coffee table, some pasta, and two beers.

Jun stands in front of the tv, his arms crossed. It doesn’t look like he is going to make this any easier for Changmin. He may as well be comfortable, Changmin thinks. He takes his time removing his coat to lay it against the back of the couch, trying to calm himself, but his heart is still hammering in his chest. He sits down on the couch and slides the dvd on the table.

‘I took it without asking so…’

‘I noticed.’

Perhaps Jun can see his nervousness and has taken pity on him or not, but he uncrosses him arms from over his chest and sits down on the floor, legs crossed, next to the coffee table, opposite to him.

Changmin bites his lower lip and slowly releases it, dragging his teeth on his skin.

‘Someone made me realize something and…’

He doesn’t know how to go on but Jun scoffs before he can add anything else.

‘I can see you were busy’ Jun says and he is staring at his collarbone. Changmin’s hand flies to his neck, where there is probably a bruise.


Jun looks away.

‘I don’t care. You are free to do whatever you want.’ But he is frowning and his tone is icier than the ice age itself.

‘Jun. ‘

His tone must have been desperate enough because Jun looks back at him again. He’d better use this chance then. He wets his lips, passes his tongue over his sore lip, before speaking.

‘I am sorry.’

Jun’s eyes widen and it’s probably not what he was expecting at all. Maybe he can still fix this.

‘You know, for pushing you away or… if you felt used.’ He is looking right at Jun. ‘I didn’t know what I wanted but now I know.‘

‘What do you want?’ Jun’s voice is hoarse.

Changmin is twisting his hands on his lap. Until now he had been too busy thinking about how to make Jun listen, but now… what if he has misread Jun… He looks up at him, pleadingly. Jun hesitates for a few seconds before he sighs and comes to sit next to him. He puts his hands on top of Changmin’s to still them.

‘I want you,’ Changmin says and he has to take a deep breath before continuing. ‘But…’


Changmin feels Jun’s hands tense on his, ready to withdraw at any moment. He looks down, and closes his eyes tightly.

‘It’s more than that… I think I like you.’

Jun’s hands grip his and Changmin breathes stops. Then he is pulled to the side, to Jun’s chest and two arms wraps themselves around him, and he can feel Jun’s heartbeat against his cheek.

Jun’s hand is in his hair, ruffling it, and it’s nearly painful so Changmin protests —eh!— and tries to sit up but his face is so close to Jun’s and he stops. Jun leans down and Changmin can feel his breath on his face.

‘l like you too stupid', and he is smiling against his lips. Changmin is smiling back so hard it hurts so the kiss they share is mostly awkward and sloppy but it’s ten times better than all the other kisses they shared before.

Changmin thinks he is probably really gone stupid this time but he can’t bring himself to care when he has Jun in his arms. Wait. He is in Jun’s arms but that’s pretty much the same thing as long someone is in the other’s arms and so he snuggles and hugs Jun back and it’s better when they are both in each other’s arms. Jun’s arms tighten around him. Changmin sighs contentedly.

After a few minutes, though, his back is starting to ache from the posture and he wriggles a bit.

‘Are you uncomfortable?’

‘I’m fine,’ because he doesn’t want to let go.

‘Come on. If you let me go for a few seconds…’

Jun pushes him away and Changmin unwillingly lets him. Jun swings his legs onto the couch and Changmin moves to lie on his stomach, between Jun’s legs. Jun is drawing circle on his nape with his fingertips, and they kiss, slow and lazy.

Soon the kisses grow more heated and one of Jun’s hand slips under his shirt, his fingers running lightly on Changmin’s skin. He can feel Jun growing hard underneath him but the caresses are soothing and Changmin is sleepy and warm and doesn’t really want to move.

When Changmin shifts and bit and Jun moans in his mouth, however, Changmin figures he could do a little effort to make up for his earlier mistakes. He undulates lightly against Jun, and Jun’s next moan breaks the kiss. Changmin smiles against his lips, and does it again until Jun is grinding against him, his head thrown back against the couch, his eyes closed.

Changmin tears himself away from Jun’s warm body. Jun groans in protest and try to follow him up but Changmin pushes him back down with a hand, and straddles him so he can balance himself over him. He unbuttons Jun’s slacks, sneaking a hand inside, and teases Jun a bit by stroking him on top of his boxers. Jun pushes against him, his hands clinging to Changmin’s shirt.

‘Changmin… I need…’

Changmin takes pity on Jun and makes him lift his lips so he can slide both the slacks and the boxers down his knees. His hand goes back to Jun’s cock and he palms the tip, before he fists it, slowly sliding his hand down and then up and down again, slick with pre-come. Jun’s hips jerk up to quicken the pace so Changmin presses his other hand against Jun’s right hip bone to hold him down.

Jun moans again and Changmin is glad that he is tall enough to reach for Jun’s mouth without having to stop his strokes. Jun enthusiastically responds to the kiss, open and wet, his hands moving to hold Changmin’s head still. Then Changmin intensifies the rhythm, and Jun’s gasping and coming in his hand.

Changmin breaks the kiss because he wants to watch Jun’s face. He is gorgeous, gleaming with sweat, black hair curling around his face, his eyes closed and his mouth opened soundlessly in a small o.

Jun slumps into the couch with a content sigh. Changmin just wants to fall back in the warm embrace as quickly as possible. He wipes his hand on his sweater but, at Jun’s noise of disgust, he finally takes it off and throws it on the floor. Jun’s eyes are slightly opened and his warm gaze slowly moves up from his now naked chest to look into Changmin’s eyes.

‘Do you—‘

‘It’s fine.’

Jun is going to insist further but Changmin really doesn’t need anything so he helps Jun back into his boxers and his slacks. Jun’s arms are reaching for him again but Changmin stops him with a pout.

‘Your t-shirt is scratchy.’

Jun chuckles but consents in rising a bit so Changmin can help him get rid of the offending fabric. For a moment, Changmin is reminded of the Jun he saw on the screen, happy and awkward and fragile in his first-button-buttoned shirt, and his heart squeezes. Something must show on his face because Jun asks him if something is wrong. He smiles and drops a kiss on the top of Jun’s beauty mark on his upper lip, and finally relaxes in the embrace, snuggling in the crook of Jun’s neck.

‘I’m happy’ he whispers against his skin.

Changmin feels like he can do anything and everything now; if he has to convince Yunho and their manager, or the world, to protect that warm feeling, well, it’s worth it.

the end.

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