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On the Back of a Couch (2/4)

part 1

The next morning Changmin wakes up with a start at the sound of his phone ringing and nearly falls off the couch. He looks around, a hand running through his hair in an attempt to clear his confusion. His jacket is folded neatly on top of the coffee table, his phone vibrating next to it. He grabs it.

‘Where are you?’

It’s Yunho and he sounds concerned.

‘I…’ Flashes from the night comes back to his mind and Changmin feels himself half flushing and half panicking. ‘We went for a few drinks and I… some of us stayed over at Tsumabaki’s place to talk for a while and we fell asleep.’

The lie rolls easily from his tongue and Changmin gets up, grabbing his jacket, making a start for the door.

‘Oh, ok then.’

Fresh air hits his face but he feels like crap when he closes the door behind him. ‘I’m not 16 anymore. You don’t need to check up on me.’

He dashes down the street and manages to get a taxi.

‘Yeah, I know. Sorry. Just… come directly to the rehearsal. I’ll bring you a change of clothes.’

Changmin agrees before hanging up and giving the address to the driver.

He fumbles with his phone for a while, wondering if he should send a message to Jun, inform him that he is gone, but decides against it and lets himself fall back into the seat with a sigh, rubbing his eyes.


When a few days later, after the photoshoot, Changmin receives Jun’s message, his chest fills with warmth at the same time that his throat tightens painfully. He still agrees to meet though.

He feels a bit overwhelmed but he can’t exactly pinpoint why. Maybe it’s because he is lying to Yunho though it’s most probably because he is having a fling with a man and he knows he shouldn’t. If this breaks out his career is, most certainly, going right into a dead end and it is highly likely that his parents would kill him or something similar.

Still. He can’t stop himself from carefully selecting clothes that showcase his legs. He can’t stop the flutter of excitement inside his chest as he stands in front of Jun’s door and rings the doorbell.

Jun smiles at him when he opens the door. Changmin’s brought a bottle of red wine so he hands it to Jun before stepping inside, taking his shoes off. Jun signals the couch for Changmin to sit in and Changmin can’t help the sudden images that pop into his head at the reminder of what they did on that couch. He takes his coat off and lays it on the back of the couch before sitting on it.

Jun brings back the bottle open as well as two wine glasses. They start drinking, sitting next to each other but Changmin can’t seem to find any topic of conversation and he can’t stop fiddling with his glass until Jun stops him, a hand pressed against his, and Changmin puts the glass back on the coffee table. Then Jun is finally leaning in.

The kiss is anything but sweet this time and Jun is pulling him to his feet, steering him towards the bedroom, their glasses of wine forgotten on the coffee table.

This time they pause as they enter the room and Jun lets Changmin run his fingers down his neck to his shirt and unbuttons it. His hands are slightly shaky but he finally slides the shirt off Jun’s shoulder. Jun’s waist seems slightly too thin but he guesses he must also look a bit wiry himself.

He lays his hand flat on Jun’s chest and slides it until it rests on Jun’s left. He can feel Jun’s heartbeat quicken under his fingers when he steps closer and licks a strip of skin on his neck. Jun’s hands fly up to Changmin, digging into his sides so Changmin repeats the motion, progressively moving down Jun’s chest until he reaches the edge of his trousers and falls onto his knees, Jun’s hands sliding in his hair.

Changmin looks up and sees Jun biting his lips as Changmin opens his trousers and slides them down along with his underwear. Changmin pauses, uncertain, and Jun takes the opportunity to step out from his clothes. He makes Changmin stand up and guides him towards the bed.

Jun stops pulling Changmin once they reach the edge of the bed and climbs on it by himself. Changmin look at Jun curiously as he fumbles in the drawer next to the bed and takes out condoms. He turns to look at Changmin.

‘Strawberry or mint flavored?’

But Changmin knows it’s not only about the flavor that Jun is asking. Changmin swallows. ‘Mint.’

‘You sure?’

‘Mint,’ Changmin repeats, his voice steadier.

Jun rips the package open and puts the condom on before scooting back to where Changmin is standing and sitting at the edge of the bed. He takes Changmin’s hand and pulls him forward into a kiss.

Changmin slowly falls on his knees without breaking the kiss, wanting it to last until he is ready. One of his hands comes to rest on one side of Jun’s lap while the other hovers above Jun’s thigh until it reaches for his cock. It feels weird to be holding a cock that’s not his. He applies some pressure and is pleased when Jun’s moan is muffled by his mouth.

His mouth finally releases Jun’s. He licks his lips before he bends forward and gives a tentative lick. It tastes strongly of latex but there’s an agreeable hint of mint mixed to it. Changmin takes the tip in his mouth and he can feel Jun’s thighs tense so he slowly takes Jun’s cock further into his mouth, careful of his teeth.

As slowly as his mouth slid on Jun, he slides off. He repeats the unhurried movements several times and sees how Jun’s fists are clenching the sheets. He accelerates a bit but nearly chokes when he overestimates his capacity to take it in. He slides off quickly and takes huge gulps of air. Jun’s hands are running through his hair soothingly.

Once he is able to breathe properly, Jun pulls him towards his chest and they fall together on the bed.

‘You’re overdressed.’

Jun pulls at Changmin’s shirt and Changmin sits up, straddling Jun, to take it off before he leans back down and kisses Jun, enjoying the feel of their naked chests pressed together. Jun kisses back fiercely while stroking Changmin’s face. He breaks it off slowly, his tongue lingering on the corner of Changmin’s lips.

‘Take off your trousers.’

Changmin complies quickly, nearly tripping on one of the legs of his trousers with his haste, and then he is back on top of Jun and Jun impatiently pushes their hips together.

Changmin largely prefer the sensation of their hips undulating together than to give head. It had felt weird —dirty— nearly disgusting if it hadn’t been for the mint flavor and Jun’s moans and shivers.

It’s still a bit overwhelming to feel Jun’s body pressed against his, their cocks sliding against one another. And since Jun is still wearing the condom, wet from his spit, sliding is easier and so they pick up the pace.

Changmin’s hard-on that had disappeared during his attempt at blowing Jun reawakens and then he looks into Jun’s eyes and it’s too much. He feels a tremor running through his lower lip and his eyes are starting to sting.

What the fuck is he doing?

And suddenly a tear drops from his eye onto Jun’s cheek and they both stop moving. Jun makes them sit up, Changmin in his lap, hugging him, while Changmin controls his tears, swallowing them back.

‘Is this too fast?’

Jun’s tone betrays his worry but Changmin knows what he wants in the end and never before has he cared about going too fast and so he kisses Jun fast and wet and palms his cock until Jun is gasping in his mouth.

Jun breaks the kiss, breathless, his forehead resting on Changmin’s. Changmin can feel Jun’s small puff of breaths against his face and he sees how Jun seems to be weighting their options for a few seconds.

‘Then, want to do me?’

Changmin is startled and Jun tightens his hold on his waist.

‘I’ve never…’

‘I couldn’t possibly have guessed that.’

At the sarcastic tone, Changmin playfully shoves him until Jun is back on his back, and nods, dropping a kiss on Jun’s cheek.

Jun gives a new condom to Changmin and while Changmin puts it on, he takes his own off. He also grabs the lubricant and pours a generous amount on his fingers before he lies on his stomach, his ass up in the air, and slowly inserts a finger inside himself and then another.

Changmin doesn’t know what to think of it —it’s arousing to see Jun being so shameless but on the other end the actual act doesn’t seem pleasant in the slightest— until he finds himself between Jun’s spread legs and then he feels a surge of desire he has never felt before, not even with his first love, or perhaps particularly not with his first love.

This seems far removed from his ideals of love but he doesn’t care anymore that it feels dirty and wrong as long as he gets to touch Jun’s skin. He bites his lip, hesitating slightly.

‘Don’t worry. I’m not made of glass.’

Jun urges him by crossing his legs against Changmin’s back and pulling him forward a bit though he doesn’t insist, letting Changmin control the pace. Changmin moves forward and it feels unbearably tight and hot around him. Changmin stares as Jun’s eyes fall closed and his lips part open soundlessly.

Jun’s hand reaches for his own cock between their bodies and the groan he lets out just right next to Changmin’s ear undoes him enough that it only takes him a few thrusts to come.

He blushes, an apology on his lips, but Jun kisses him hard to stop him from speaking and guides his hand to his erection. Changmin pulls out from Jun and lets himself fall next to Jun. Jun seems to understand the intention and rolls onto his left. Changmin spoons Jun, his hand on Jun’s cock, covered by Jun’s hand, and he mouths along the curve of Jun’s spine until Jun finally comes with a gasp.

Changmin nuzzles Jun’s neck as he breathes harshly, trying to regain his breath. He turns around and drops a small kiss on Changmin’s forehead before he gets up to clean them up. This time, however, he comes back to lie next to Changmin and Changmin slowly pulls him towards his chest as Jun embraces him.

The next morning Changmin wakes up to fresh coffee. It feels awkward, still, and Changmin realizes that this is probably what casual sex feels like. He doesn’t mind. Relationships are too difficult in their world. He pauses, his cup lifted mid-air, why is he even thinking about relationship. This is only dirty sex.

He gulps down his coffee, avoiding Jun’s eyes the whole time, and takes advantage when Jun’s in the shower to scribble a thanks on a piece of paper and escape.


They meet a few times after that. Jun sends him texts similar to the first one and Changmin goes to Jun’s home, it’s easier since he lives alone, but he doesn’t bring wine anymore and they don’t really talk as they stumble to bed — they’ve tried in the shower once but Changmin is a water hog and the bed is far more comfortable.

It’s mostly them rubbing against each other, blow jobs on Jun’s part and hand jobs on Changmin’s. All stuff that require the minimum amount of effort as Changmin’s schedule becomes heavier and they are both too tired to do anything else than fall into a sort of routine.

It’s not boring though and Changmin always feel a sort of trepidation when he waits for the elevator to go up to Jun’s floor though Changmin always wakes before Jun to avoid any awkwardness and to come back before Yunho wakes up.

It’s been a month since this whole thing started when Jun comes into the green room. They are alone but even though Changmin knows it’s not going to last long and that Yunho could be back sooner than expected, he lets Jun kiss him and back him into a wall because the desperation in Jun’s eyes contrasts with his fake nonchalance.

‘We shouldn’t—’

But Jun silences him with a kiss and one of his hands slides underneath Changmin’s shirt. Changmin shivers against the fingertips and grips at Jun’s shoulders, torn between pushing him away and clinging to the warmth.

The sound of the door opening chooses for him and he pushes Jun away.

It’s too late. Yunho’s eyes widen and his mouth falls open. Changmin can see the misunderstanding take form in Yunho’s expression, his mouth in a thin line, and before he can do anything Yunho strides to Jun and punches him in the face.

Jun’s hand flies to his split lip, his eyes hardening, and he tries to punch Yunho back but Changmin is there first, holding his fist.

‘Stop it.’

Changmin untightens Jun’s fingers, forcing them open and pushes him towards the door. Jun throws him a worried glance but Changmin only nods and closes the door behind him.

Yunho nearly runs to him and holds him by his shoulders.

‘What’s this Changmin? Was he forcing himself on you?’ Changmin feels Yunho’s fingers dig into his skin. ‘This disgusting fag.’

The words startle Changmin. He feels afraid and suddenly he knows why he has lied to Yunho all this while. He knows Yunho is more or less ok with fanservice since he loves making their fans happy but anything else beyond that and he is like Changmin was, disgusted.

Changmin wishes he wasn’t like that. Wishes he had never met Jun. Hates Jun for a second but knows it’s not his fault and really he hates himself for letting everyone down, his family and Yunho, who is like his family.

Still. Even though he is afraid and tempted to avoid Yunho’s look of disappointment, and hopefully nothing worse than that, he knows that he can’t let Yunho think that Jun was abusing him.

Yunho presses on, shaking him slightly by his shoulders. ‘Is this why you were uncomfortable? Why you were avoiding him? I’m going to kill him.’

‘No, Yunho, stop. Jun—’

‘Jun?’ repeats Yunho, startled by the familiarity with which Changmin says the name.

‘—has done nothing wrong.’

Yunho let go off Changmin and looks at him, really looks at him. ‘What do you mean?’

Changmin forces himself to look him in the eyes.

‘This is consensual. We have a sort of casual relationship.’

‘When you say casual, you mean sexual.’

It’s not really a question. Changmin stays silent.

‘Fuck.’ Yunho breathes heavily and knocks a chair onto the floor. He looks back at Changmin, his eyes wide with anger this time. ‘How could you?’

Changmin is starting to feel desperate as the situation slides further away from his ideal scenario. ‘It’s not like I choose to!’

‘Yes, it is. You can choose not to have sex with a man.’ Yunho steps back towards Changmin. ‘Do you know how dangerous that is? Do you know what that would do to us? Fanservice is fine and all but anything beyond that is… unnatural, dangerous and… disgusting.’

Changmin stays silent and he has to look away.

Yunho reaches to him but Changmin steps away. ‘Changmin… Say something.’

‘What do you want me to stay?’ His voice is raw and he turns away when he feels tears threatening to spill but he goes on: ‘That I just lied and that it’s not real? That I regret it and that I will stop? That I am sorry for being who I am?’

Suddenly he feels angry too, at Yunho but mostly at himself, and he turns to face Yunho. ‘Fuck you.’

He can’t take it and leaves, nearly slamming the door but he stops himself because that’s childish and it’s not Yunho’s fault that Changmin has never been quite right.

He doesn’t know what to do but Jun will know. On the way to his green room, he runs into Ninomiya, who throws him an odd glance. Changmin clenches his teeth, contains his emotions and asks to know where Matsumoto-san is.

‘His lower lip is bleeding and starting to bruise’, Ninomiya answers, lifting an eyebrow. ‘Care to explain?’

‘It’s… complicated.’

‘I bet it is.’

It’s not really irony. It’s more like Ninomiya is tired. He nods towards their green room. ‘Jun isn’t alone though.’

Changmin mumbles a small thanks, strides over the green room and knocks on the door.

He can feel Ninomiya’s gaze on him and it unnerves him further. He wants to yell to the world that they should just leave him alone and stay the hell out of his business. He tries to quell the rage as best as he can but his patience is snapping and he doesn’t wait an answer to open the door.

Jun is sitting on a couch applying a compress to his face. Aiba is next to him, and to the looks of it, trying to make him spill the story. They both look at him as he enters.

He ignores Aiba’s greetings, grabs Jun’s wrists and pulls him out of the room. Jun lets him, looking back at Aiba and telling him not to worry.

Ninomiya’s eyebrows go up when they pass next to him. ‘Complicated huh.’

‘I’ll explain later,’ Jun answers and doesn’t have time to say anything more as Changmin’s tugging becomes more insistent, his fingers digging into Jun’s wrist.

Changmin pulls them into a room that he knows is empty and locks the door. He lets go of the wrist and turns away. He tries to control his temper but fails and ends up whirling around to stare at Jun, who is still applying the compress to his face, looking back at him calmly.

Changmin grabs him by the collar of his shirt and pushes him against the door, hard.

‘What the fuck where you thinking? Kissing me like this… where Yunho could find us.’ Changmin breathes harshly. ‘This is all your fault.’

Jun shrugs but Changmin can feel him tensing against his fist.

‘Are you going to hit me too?’

That does the trick and Changmin lets go, stumbling back. He rubs at his eyes, his anger slowly draining away.

Jun sighs and engulfs Changmin into a tight hold. Changmin breathes in Jun’s soothing scent and relaxes a bit. He doesn’t dare looking at him though. He can only grab his back and ask for forgiveness into Jun’s shirt.

His excuses are sincere but as he utters them he realizes that Yunho is right and that this is dangerous and that he should probably stop. This has to be the last time he can be so close to Jun, tightly pressed against him.

He is at a dead end. His head spins at the realization.

He pulls back from the embrace and crushes his lips against Jun’s. Jun gasps in surprise and Changmin takes the opportunity to invade his mouth while backing Jun against the door once again.

Changmin can’t seem to stop himself even when the metallic taste of blood assaults his mouth as he sucks on Jun’s abused lips. And when Jun pushes against him for some air, Changmin presses hot kisses against his neck and runs his hands underneath Jun’s shirt.

‘Changmin… what—’

Changmin bites his neck, not caring if it leaves a mark, and unbuttons Jun’s trousers. Jun tries to stop him but Changmin pins his hands above his head with his other hand.

‘Is this angry make-up sex?’

But then Changmin’s hand is underneath his underwear, stroking him firmly, and Jun’s head falls against the door with a thud.

Changmin’s hand doesn’t relent even when the door knob rattles next to them.


At the sound of Ninomiya’s voice, Changmin’s grip turns tighter, his pace quickening, and he watches as Jun bites his lower lip to silence a gasp.

‘I’m… fine.’

‘You sure?’

Changmin starts sucking at Jun’s earlobe and he feels Jun’s wrists twist into his hold.

‘Yeah.’ Jun breathes out.

Changmin’s hand is starting to ache but he doesn’t stop. His grip on Jun’s wrists loosens but Jun isn’t really trying to free himself as much as he is trying to hold himself up by leaning on the door.

Changmin’s teeth gently pinch Jun’s earlobe before releasing his ear and then Changmin is whispering against it.

‘Thank you.’

Jun’s hands fly from his grasp to wound themselves up tight around Changmin’s shoulders as he tenses and spills himself on Changmin’s hand.

He is breathless for a few seconds, staring at Changmin, wide-eyed.

Changmin gently takes his hand out of Jun’s underwear, tucking him back, zips his trousers up, and gestures at a box of tissues that is resting on a table near them. Jun’s arms slip off Changmin’s shoulders and he slowly slides down the door to the floor.

Changmin cleans his hand with a tissue that he drops into the bin next to the door.

‘Changmin, what—’

Changmin kneels down in front of Jun and licks at his wound before softly pressing his lips against Jun’s.

He doesn’t want to let go but he has to so he steps away and helps Jun up. He unlocks the door but Jun grabs his elbow as he reaches for the door knob so he says it.

‘Let’s not see each other anymore.’

Changmin takes advantage of Jun’s stunned silence to open the door but Jun is quick to tighten his hold on him.

‘What are you talking about?’

Jun tugs at him to make Changmin face him but Changmin stares resolutely at the door.

‘Just that. Let’s stop seeing each other.’

This time Jun’s hand falls away from Changmin’s elbow as Changmin pushes the door open and leaves.

He ignores Ninomiya, who is playing with his DS a few steps away, and quickly makes his way to the green room.

Yunho is sitting at the table reading but Changmin knows better as he sees Yunho’s right leg twitching, his foot hitting the floor in a regular rhythm.

Changmin lets himself fall on the chair at the opposite side of the table. Yunho’s eyes don’t leave the sheet of paper —probably lyrics— even when Changmin clears his throat. Changmin still looks fixedly at him; the choice he has made is as much for himself as it is for Yunho after all.

‘I won’t see him ever again.’ His voice is somehow still hoarse.

Yunho looks up, surprised and, after a second, conflicted. Maybe he thought the decision would take more time, maybe he though the decision would be something else.

‘I’m sorry for earlier. I lost my cool.’

Changmin knows he isn’t really apologizing for what he said but for how he said it. Changmin nods anyway. ‘Maybe you should apologize to Matsumoto-san?’

Yunho tenses at the name but probably knows that’s what he should do. ‘I will. After all, this is pretty much a misunderstanding.’

This makes Changmin wants to shake Yunho until he sees it’s not and that Changmin really wanted that thing he had but Yunho goes on: ‘It’s the right choice.’

He relaxes back in his chair. ‘And that wasn’t like you at all so I’m glad you recovered your senses.’

Changmin nods again even though he wants to shout that how do he knows how he is like but he shuts up for the sake of their friendship and career.

Yunho gets up and pats Changmin’s shoulder warmly. ‘I’m glad it’s settled then.’ He squeezes it before letting go. ‘I’ll go see what’s taking so long. We’re going to be late in the schedule.’

‘I’m glad too,’ Changmin mutters as the door closes behind Yunho. The sound of the door shutting resonates in his head and he can’t breathe.


Thankfully, a whole month goes by without Changmin meeting any members of Arashi —probably something to do with his frequent flights back to Korea— but his luck runs out one day he and Yunho are walking in a corridor of NTV.

Changmin knows that Yunho’s apology to Jun came in form of interposed managers. He had been a bit miffed that Yunho hadn’t done it personally but now that Changmin sees how Yunho and Jun glare at each other, he is glad they have never been left alone together to talk. Jun avoids his eyes altogether. His face has healed and it’s as nothing ever happened.

He and Yunho politely bow to them. They all nod back except for Ninomiya, who throws a dark look full of venom at Changmin, as he walks past him. It reminds Changmin that the thing between him and Jun has indeed happened and he was the one to break it up.

That night, Changmin keeps rolling back and forth on his bed, his legs entangled in the blanket, until he is staring at the ceiling. The preparation of a come-back in Korea had managed to distract him from his thoughts and when it hadn’t been enough he would go to the gym for a good hour to sweat out his frustration.

But seeing him again makes it that much more difficult to control himself.

He rolls onto his stomach and buries his head in the pillow. He sees the curve of Jun’s neck and remembers the way he bit it and he is suddenly glad his groan is muffled by the pillow. He remembers how Jun’s Adam’s apple bobbed under his fingers when Jun swallowed him as far as his throat would allow him.

Without knowing it, Changmin’s hips are thrusting against the mattress and he glides his hand down the bottom of his pajamas, his fingers encircling his cock in a loose hold. His hips’ thrusts quicken as he pictures the first time Jun jerked him off on the couch and it doesn’t take him long to come.

He takes his hand out his pajamas and wipes it on a corner of the blanket before rolling to the opposite side. ‘Fuck.’


The next night Changmin figures he won’t be able to sleep either so he decides to go out for a while. Yunho throws him a suspicious glance as Changmin walks towards the front door in very tight trousers and an expensive piercing on his ear but doesn’t say anything.

That he chooses Rainy Night has nothing to do with Jun and everything to do with the lack of paparazzi, the nice atmosphere and friendly bartenders. He still chooses a spot at the bar so that he is close to the entrance to see the people enter.

He fiddles with his phone as the bartender serves him his first gin tonic. He knows he is kidding himself when he tells himself he doesn’t want to see Jun so he gulps down his drink, hoping to drown both the dread and the hope of meeting him, and asks for another one.

Changmin stares at his phone’s screen when his fingers scroll down and stops on Jun. He hasn’t deleted the number even though he said to Yunho that he would. He had figured that it was pretty harmless anyway and that Yunho didn’t need to know but now he is thinking that maybe he should, if being at a bar full of people, ignoring them and staring at a number of a past relationship for the whole night is any indication.

He presses the delete option but hesitates at the request of confirmation —delete or cancel— when a hand brushes against his shoulder and comes to rest on the counter, right next to him.

‘Mind if I sit here?’

Changmin whirls around, his heart beating wildly, but of course it’s not Jun and he tries not to feel disappointed. He still presses cancel though.

It’s a beautiful woman, the kind he has always liked, tall with long dark hair and a beauty mark on the tip of her nose so he nods and she sits next to him.

Changmin puts his phone away in his pocket and offers to buy her a drink. Her eyes crinkle as she smiles happily. He downs his drink and asks for two glasses of red wine.

He doesn’t really listen to her as she speaks and Changmin figures it’s not fair since she seems genuinely interesting but he can only think of the weight of Jun’s number in his pocket. So when their glasses are empty and he feels the alcohol buzz through his head, he bends down next to her ear.

‘Your place?’

She looks startled but Changmin takes it as a good sign that she hasn’t slapped him yet. She nods but once in the taxi she gives the address of hotel and Changmin doesn’t really care. His fingers are tracing patterns on the stretch of skin that peaks out from between her dress and her stockings.

He pays for the room cash and sloppily kisses her in the elevator. He is probably too drunk to be good but she doesn’t seem to mind and this is oddly exciting. He has had several girlfriends and likes to flirt but he has never really had a lot of casual sex.

Aside from Jun, his mind supplies. He puts his hand between her legs though still on top of her dress and she whimpers, half pushing him away, half clinging to him.

They make it to the room without too many stumbles and she helps him open the door, a warm hand on top of his shaky hand.

‘I should take a shower—’ but Changmin pushes her to the bed and climbs on top of her. He licks at her neck, sucks on her skin, while his hands sneaks under her dress and he slides her panties down. He tosses them on the floor as she grabs her handbag, which is next to her on the bed, and takes out a condom. Changmin takes it and she lets her bag fall on the floor.

While he puts the condom on, his trousers and boxers only half-way down, he can feel her gaze on him. When he is finished, he looks up at her and she licks her lips so he makes her turn around on her stomach. At her sound of protest, he nibbles on her throat and slides one hand underneath her to stroke her breasts.

Changmin is too impatient so he pushes her legs open, her dress riding up and uncovering her ass, which he pulls up a bit, before he slowly enters her.

She moans and, as he pulls out, she tugs the hand on her breasts to her lips and licks the tip of two of his fingers before sucking on them and Changmin doesn’t think he can last long so he slams back in and sets a fast pace.

Her hips move up to join him half-way and he pulls his hand away from her mouth to slide it down underneath her once again. This time, however, his hand goes further down and it’s easy to stroke her with her spit on his fingers and he must be doing something right because she is twisting beneath him and clenching around him.

He pushes deep inside her one more time before coming and his vision is hazier than before but he is still inside of her, shallowly thrusting, and doesn’t stop stroking her until she tenses against him and lets out a small cry.

He pulls out and falls beside her. He is still wearing his jacket and it’s unbearably hot and sweaty.

She rolls over and presses a kiss against Changmin’s cheek. He pulls away and gets up, his phone still burning a hole in his pocket. He takes off the condom —making himself presentable, which isn’t much work since he is nearly fully clothed— and twists it into a knot before wrapping it in a complementary tissue and shoving it into his pocket.

‘I’m leaving. You should stay half an hour longer before leaving.’

She looks at him wide-eyed, her make-up slightly smudged around their corner, but she seems sated and content.

‘I will. That was fun.’

Changmin doesn’t respond and once he has closed the door behind him, he leans against it and slides down to the floor.

He hasn’t really sobered up and the sex has only left him wanting for more. Before he knows it, he is typing and sending a message to Jun.

I want you.


Yunho is shaking him awake and he groans in his pillow, swatting his hands away. He suddenly feels cold and looks up to see Yunho holding part of his blanket. He feels queasy and hides his head in the pillow again.

‘I’m up. Gimme back—’

‘You’re not up since you’re still lying down. I’m giving you three minutes before I drop cold water on you.’

Yunho leaves but Changmin doesn’t doubt he will come if he doesn’t move. His tone was joking but Changmin is pretty sure he wouldn’t hesitate to execute his threat so he slowly pushes himself up and out of bed.

His gaze falls on his discarded clothes next to the bed —he is only wearing his boxers— and the memory of last night is clear in his mind. He wants to drop back into bed and hide beneath his pillow and never ever get up but he forces himself to take his jacket.

With a grimace he takes the tissue that contains the condom out of one of his pockets and throws it into a bin. Surprisingly, that was the easy part.

He fishes his phone out of the other pocket.

There’s no new message and he doesn’t know if he feels relieved or disappointed. He still checks his message history just to be sure he hasn’t dreamed it but no, he has indeed sent a message to Jun yesterday, at 10.23pm.

‘If you want to take a shower, which I suggest you do, it’s now or never,’ Yunho says to him leaning on the door frame. ‘We leave in 20 minutes. You can eat in the car.’

Changmin is grateful they have a fully packed schedule today. He is also glad that Yunho is not commenting on his obvious hangover and taking care of him in his own way.

It’s only when he gets back home, exhausted, and falls in bed sleepily that he thinks of checking his phone again. He doesn’t expect anything which is why he nearly drops it when he sees the message.

indecisive jerk. tomorrow, my place, 10pm.

Changmin’s insides are fuzzy when he notices there’s no interrogation mark at the end of the message.

On to part 3.

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October 2012

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