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Fics. in chronological order. ♥ = i like


50 sentences in which Changmin is a jerk | homin, changmin/girl | r angst | 1,205 words
Based on theme set of [ profile] 1sentence - Changmin cheats on his wife with Yunho. - The house with the white picket fence was what he had wanted, Changmin thought as he stumbled in the opposite direction.

Two kisses, a burn and another kiss | jaemin, changmin/girl | pg-13 angst | 1,774 words
For [ profile] nuna_fanworks fic exchange - Changmin's first girlfriend and kisses. Jaejoong's reactions. - Ignoring problems - and people, which tended to be the problem - usually made them go away.

♥ Four times someone falls sick and once someone fakes it. | ot5 | g fluff | 3,605 words
For [ profile] nuna_fanworks fic exchange - They fall ill too, like ordinary people. - Why does it always have to end with a pillow fight?

Four times Changmin doesn't pay attention or does he? | ot5, changmin-centric | g fluff | 1,778 words
For [ profile] sharkbait_ha - prompt: what Min thinks about his hyungs.- Changmin was already half-way through the book when it flew away from his hands.

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt | jaemin, side yoosu | pg MPREG, crack, angst, fluff | 9,421 words
Sequel of Baby with illustrations by [ profile] yami_shin - It was when Jaejoong took a deep breath to launch himself in the final verse of I Feel Pretty that Changmin barged in the bathroom. 

The Reason Changmin Was Prohibited From Eating Chocolate | ot5 | nc-17 pwp | 2,564 words

Is it love? | yoomin | nc-17 angst, bit of humour | 1,514 words
Yoochun wants something, Changmin is reading and they are in a strange relationship, or are they? -  Whoever you are, you better stop that. You are getting my glasses dirty.

Sign | jaemin | r angst, what if | 1,048 words

Light | jaemin | r angst, second person | dubious consent 1,111 words

Random question, Sleepy answer | jaemin | g | fluff 573 words
Random!Jae and Sleepy!Min are sharing a room. Not what you think. - I will have the mismatched lips tomorrow if you continue.

♥ Two-faced  complete | homin (hints of) | non-con, character death, violence, swearing, eating disorder, supernatural stuff nc-17 | 20,162 words
There is a bank-robbery. Changmin is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Yunho has to pick up the pieces. - part 1 part 2.1 part 2.2 part 3.1 | part 3.2

A walk down memory lane complete | jaemin | angst, fluff, cliché pg | 14,740 words
Memory is a tricky thing. Love is too. - part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 part 10 part 11

Islands in the Sky abandoned | gen, changmin-centric | g 1,296 words
One disappears and four are worried. Where is he? - part 0

​Drabbles challenge for in [ profile] in_vazn, drabbles are interconnected: Changmin is dying.
attention | gen | g | angst | 324 words
            Jaejoong was laughing - a hand hiding his mouth - as Junsu, turning bright red, was telling a bad joke.

            2) broken!tvxq | sequel to attention | jaeho, past jaemin | pg-13 | angst | 561 words
            The day they came back to the hospital and found the room empty had become a blurred memory.

            3) trouble | prequel to attention | jaemin | pg-13 | angst | 419 words
            It wasn't until Changmin collapsed that the others discovered something was wrong with him.

            4) banana | prequel to attention, sequel to trouble | jaemin | pg-13 | angst | 419 words
            I've dreamt of bananas today.

Ficlet challenge 15 minutes
            1) Happy jaemin | pg | angst 173 words
            The happiest and the worst day in Changmin's life happened to be the same.

            2) Uncomfortable jaemin | g | fluff, dialogue style 281 words
            I didn't know my bones were more comfortable than a mattress and pillows.

            3) Apology jaemin | g epistolary, with illustration 131 words
            4) Baby jaemin | pg-13 crack 182 words
            Aren't you dissolved yet so I can take a shower too? 
            5) Fantasy jaemin | g fluff, crack-ish, dialogue style 169 words
            Once upon a time, there was a muffin to be eaten.

Unfinished bits
truth hurts | jaemin - The day he had realised he would, really die, he hadn't had the courage to confront Jaejoong.
untitled au yoomin - Yoochun. One of his current target.


AU: interconnected one-shots
Scribbling in the fog | sho/nino | g | au, angst, hearing impairment | 1,308 words
Sho takes the bus and ends up conversing on a window with a stranger. - He is already dozing off when a hand snakes right past his head and starts writing on the window pane next to his doodle.
+ extra 506 words, pg, on the same universe: Nino lets Sho grab his hand though, when Sho wants him to spell the words in the palm of his hand.

But the eyes are blind | sho/nino, aiba/jun | pg au, angst, hearing impairment, blindness | 1,848 words
And then one day he runs into Matsumoto Jun and his life gets extra hard. - he looks at the man now on his knees nervously groping around on the floor. Sho’s gaze falls on the white cane lying a few inches away.

Colorful | sho/nino, aiba/jun | pg au, angst, hearing impairment, blindness | 1,221 words
Nino isn't sad but he can't help but wonder what it feels like. He imagines that words are like shapes and that everyone has a unique way of coloring them with their voices. Also Aiba and Jun talk about the past. - if Nino thinks voices are like watercolors then Aiba’s is probably grey after all, like dirt and smoke and ruins

It´s not fair | sho/nino | pg-13 au, angst, hearing impairment, blindness | 1,553 words
Sho's grades are slipping and he decides to stop thinking, i.e. he thinks too much anyway and is a jerk. Everyone is worried. Nino is angry. Cameo of News. - He throws a glance at Nino, who is ignoring him, and he remembers why he got drunk in the first place

Unexpected | sho/nino, aiba/jun | pg au, (tiny bit of) angst, fluff, hearing impairment, blindness | 1,650 words
Nino is (not) missing Sho and (not) moping about it but life manages to surprise him. Twice. - It’s a hot weekend and Nino is sprawled on his couch with the air-con on max, playing Mario on his old Nintendo 64


On the Back of a Couch complete | changmin/matsumoto jun, changmin/woman, changmin/tsumabuki satoshi | sexual situations, homophobic behaviour, mild violence & swearing nc-17 | 21,170 words
Jun wants Changmin, Changmin is confused, Yunho is less than helpful, and Ninomiya is a brat, i.e. Jun and Changmin somehow end up having a secret casual relationship. non-au.
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

25 words where improbable meetings happen | lots of pairings (changmin/jun, sakumoto, ohmiya, aiba/yeon-hee,  nino/yunho/toda, etc.) | g to r | some (skipable) dubious content | 25 x 21 = 525 words
25-words challenge with a mix 10 characters in 21 situations: Arashi, Tohoshinki, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Toda Erika and Lee Yeon-hee. - When Yunho meets Ohno and sees him pick his nose while on air, he wonders and regrets even though he and Changmin are just fine.
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